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Frequent Flyer Benefits from Travel Credit Cards – How good are they in real?

One of the biggest benefits of owning credit cards is that you can earn different types of rewards for utilizing them. Frequent flyer miles are one such reward, and it’s so popular that many financial institutions have a separate category of credit cards for just this reward.

These cards are called frequent flyer credit cards and they can be used to get free tickets to a destination of your choice. Learning more about the basics of frequent flyer credit cards will help you earn frequent flyer miles more efficiently, so let’s get started.

Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

Some financial institutions involve airlines as partners for their frequent flyer credit cards. These are co-branded cards. Basically, the airline is a partner with a financial institution in the venture, which is beneficial for the bank or credit union, the airline, and the customers or members of a financial institution as well. When you get this card, you will typically be getting one mile free for every dollar you spend. The mile reward is bumped up to two miles per dollar when you use the card to purchase tickets from the airline.

There are also other added advantages of co-branded frequent flyer credit cards that may vary on the issuer. You can choose the card that has the best rewards and benefits for you. You can also use these cards for extended periods because they can offer bigger rewards when they are utilized over the years.

Transferable Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

The most commonly used frequent flyer credit cards are ones that don’t exactly offer people frequent flyer miles. Credit cards that offer transferable points can be used to buy tickets from multiple, specific airlines. These cards are popular because they provide flexibility and can be used on several different airlines.

The Fees for Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

It is kind of rare to find frequent flyer credit cards that are without any sort of annual fee. But there are financial institutions that offer a year of free usage, meaning you won’t have to pay any fees the first year. When using a frequent flyer credit card, make sure the rewards you receive from the card are more than the annual fee that you have to pay.

The Bonus

Look for a signup bonus when you are looking for a frequent flyer credit card. These bonuses can give you rewards without even spending a dime. You can either build on these rewards or use them immediately. Be careful not to fall for promise of the signup offer if you don’t need the card because most of these offers hide a high annual fee.

When to cancel

A card that has no fees for the first year can be cancelled before the fee is actually charged, but you can’t do that over and over again. Some credit cards may offer you another year of free usage if you have paid all your bills on time and have used the card often enough. You should speak to your financial institution about card cancellation before actually getting rid of the card; you may be able to work out a deal that works better for you.

When the fees of the card get higher than the rewards you are getting or when you feel that you are actually paying for the frequent flyer miles in the long run, then you should seriously think about cancelling your card. Threatening to cancel the card can also be a good tactic to get some retention bonuses as well, but don’t use it too often.

Keep the Balance in Check

Don’t get too wrapped up with all the frequent flyer miles you’re getting and forget about the balance that you are running up on your cards. When you don’t pay off the balance, you are essentially buying the frequent flyer miles at a much higher cost than they are actually worth. You will be paying the annual fee on top of the interest that your high balance incurs. So keep paying the bills on time and keep the balance low to take advantage of frequent flyer credit cards.

High Credit Score

When you maintain a high credit score, you will eventually be able to get a credit card that offers greater amounts of frequent flyer miles and rewards. So be disciplined with your credit card and stay on top of all the payments.

Frequent flyer credit cards offer great rewards, but you have to be very careful when using them. Keep all the fees and other payments in mind when you use them for extended periods, and don’t be afraid to cancel the cards when they have outlived their usage to you.


One of the most beneficial types of credit cards is the frequent flyer credit card. It can provide people that travel frequently with free tickets to their favorite destinations. Make sure to use them responsibly and keep a watchful eye on the charges that you have to pay.

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